Clearance Opinions


We pride ourselves on preparing our clients to make well‑informed decisions for the future. An important aspect of our work concerns clearance studies pertaining to existing and planned products so as to best position our clients for competition and for potential litigation over such products.   Our attorneys are fully engaged in the investigations such that they gain a full understanding of the technology as it surrounds our client's products.  We do not simply relegate investigations to third‑party search firms.  Throughout the process, we discuss these searches and the results obtained with our clients so that we are sure to meet their objectives and control costs. When appropriate, this may include the preparation of written clearance opinions for business planning and risk assessment.

Our attorneys’ attention to detail and knowledge of the art also enables us to assist in “designing around” patents that may present issues. Quite often, the result of an investigation that leads to a "design around" is a better product or method that is itself patentable and more clearly avoids patents in the field. 

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