Licensing, Consulting and Other Agreements


We have developed innovative strategies in all intellectual property disciplines and manner of agreements, from drafting standard consulting agreements for small U.S. clients to representing large international corporations in complicated multiparty patent transactions relating to global standards bodies.

The licensing of patent, trademark, copyright, and know-how assets highlights our firm's strong emphasis on obtaining commercial value from intellectual property. We work with our clients to develop monetization strategies, identify target classes and individual companies, present the strengths of their intellectual property to those targets, and negotiate the resulting agreements. We also advocate for our clients in defense against licensing assertion programs.

We are also well poised to help our clients prepare and negotiate consulting agreements from both the provider and customer perspective. For instance, we routinely provide our clients with standard consulting agreements that are customized to their business model and allow our clients to take a consistent approach with all of their consultants.

Licenses and consulting agreements are just two examples of the wide array of agreements we have drafted for our clients. We also routinely draft confidentiality agreements, software licenses and software as a service (SaaS) agreements, materials agreements, stock and asset purchase agreements, and employee intellectual-property assignments.

We understand our clients' specific goals and develop specific strategies to achieve a coordinated approach that has repeatedly proven successful.  These successes have been achieved through our intimate knowledge of negotiating tactics and contract drafting.  In all aspects, we craft our agreements to affect real-world commercial impact.

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