Copyrights & Computer Software


Our firm commands a wide breadth of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright litigation and procurement. We advise clients on the critical relationship of copyrights to other types of intellectual property; secure copyright protection filing programs; develop strategies to maximize the revenue potential of copyrights; and protect clients' rights in court.

We regularly obtain copyright registrations for clients on various types of works, including computer software. Through our representation of retailers and consumer product companies, we are especially adroit at protecting packaging and other "graphic arts" forms of copyright, and defending our clients against assertions of such claims by others. When litigation is imminent, we have obtained registration on an expedited basis. If registration is refused, we have successfully employed little known appeal procedures within the Copyright Office. We have also sought federal court assistance to obtain copyright registrations.

Protecting computer software highlights our firm’s multidisciplinary intellectual property skills. We counsel our clients to employ a many-faceted approach to software protection that recognizes the differences and inherent advantages of various forms of intellectual property, including copyrights, business method patents and trade secrets. With our focus on client business needs and the depth of our intellectual property licensing expertise, we are creative in drafting contracts for both intellectual property rights holders and users. Our counsel here is not limited to the transfer of intellectual property rights, but includes a global business understanding of goals in a manner that values intellectual property for our clients

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