National Inventor's Day is Today

On National Inventor’s Day, we honor innovators everywhere but especially within New Jersey. And in Black History Month it is only appropriate to honor New Jersey’s heritage of innovation in and the contributions from the African American community. For example, John Stanard, born in Newark, New Jersey, invented a modern refrigerator and a new space-saving oil stove in the 1800s. And Alice Parker of Morristown, New Jersey invented a central heating system using natural gas in the early 1900s.

Overall, New Jersey-born innovations have enriched the world as we know it, including the following innovations, patented or not:


4 Lane Highway, Practical Submarine, College Football, First Professional Basketball Game, Telegraph, Microwave Transmission, Motion Picture Capital, Television Camera, Miss America, Standard Time, Telephone, Air Conditioning, Band Aid, Electric Motor, Incandescent Light, Electronic Switching Systems, Phonograph, Sewing Machine, Clover Leaf Interchange, Electron Microscope, Morse Code, Boardwalk, Electric Power Distribution, Cathode Ray Tube, Reflective Traffic Signs, Streptomycin, Hearing Aid, Radio Receiver, Transistor, Valium, Iron Processing, Angiotesin, Power Metal Shaping Equipment, Bar Coding, Optic Fiber Transmission, CMOS, Electronic Switching, Touch Tone Phone, Baseball, Communication Satellite, Steam Locomotives, Ocean Going Steam Ship, Radar Detectors, Sound Motion Picture Recording, Drive In Movie, Printed Circuit, Ice Cream Cone, Cell Phones, Digital Transmission, Microwave Engineering, LCD, Bubble Pack, Teflon, Librium, Laser, Photonic Switching, Buying On Time, Color Television, UNIX, Stereo, Processing Petroleum, Electric Guitar, Flight Simulator, Wireless Photo Radiogram, Golf Tee, Microwave Oven, Chlorinated Water, Multi Track Recording, Non-Degradable Wire Insulation, Jaws of Life, Earliest Software Patent, Prophylactic Use of Fluoride, Strapping Tape, HDTV, Batting Cage, Teflon Cookware, Tetracycline, Metal Vapor Lamp, Synthetic Cortisone, Television, Automated Egg Candling, Theoretical Physics, C++, Rolling Cylinder Printing, Tie Wrap, Reflective Highway Surface Marker, Efficient Hull Design, Coronary Stent, Solar Cells, Dictating Machine, Hydrofoil, Simultaneous Transmission, Electric Pen, Wax Paper, Wire Rope, Closed Captioning, Microphone, Electric Railway, Synthetic Rubber, Game Monopoly, Magnetic Recording, Condensed Canned Soup, Metal Detector, Seeing Eye Dog Training, Ether, T Shaped Rail, Synthetic B-1 and B-12, First Log House In N.A., Ship to Shore Calls, Salt Water Taffy, Speech Synthesis, Mason Jar, Iron Clad Warship, World Series Radio Broadcast, First To Ratify The Bill Of Rights, Balloon Flight In N.A., First Indian Reservation, NS Savannah, Colt Firearm, Wire Cloth, Bessemer Steel, Electrical Wire, Rolling Mills, Patent Leather, Walk In Space, Modern Paleontology, Discovered Gold In CA, Malleable Cast Iron, Gasoline Production, Diners, Planned Industrial City, Weston Instruments, Aircraft Engines, 11 Nobel Prizes In Physics, Container Shipping, Portable Telephone, Electric Chair, MODEM, Vacuum Tubes, M&M Candy, Aircraft Instruments/Controls, Airborne Radar, Neural Network Chips, Space Communication, Night Vision, Weather Satellites, Solar Batteries, First Fresnal Lens In US, Cradle Of American Glass, America’s First President, Preserved Tomatoes, Democratic Donkey and Republican Elephant, Father Of American Railroads, Dixon Pencils, Photoelectric Cell, Certified Milk, America’s First Black Voter, Oldest Plastics Plant In America, Discovered Cause Of Yellow Fever, The Normal Volt Cell, Commercialized Blueberries, Babe Ruth Baseball.