LV Faces Copyright Infringement Accusation (For A Little While)

Louis Vuitton
Suspicions of an impending lawsuit rise following Louis Vuitton’s allegedly unauthorized use of the post-war expressionist, Joan Mitchell’s artwork in recent campaigns for the French luxury house’s handbags.  Louis Vuitton had allegedly reached out to the Joan Mitchell Foundation multiple times to secure copyright authorization to use some of Mitchell’s pieces in their campaigns. However, the Joan Mitchell Foundation refused these requests, as the Foundation has never allowed for Mitchell’s work to be used for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, in a recent Louis Vuitton ad campaign, a French actress can be seen posing with a Capucines handbag in front of two Mitchell pieces, La Grande Vallée XIV (For A Little While) and Quatuor II for Betsy Jolas. The photos appear to have been shot at a Foundation Louis Vuitton exhibition featuring Joan Mitchell’s art and were circulated in newspapers and online with no credit to Mitchell. In response, the Joan Mitchell Foundation sent Louis Vuitton a cease-and-desist letter threatening potential litigation. It is unclear whether Louis Vuitton has pulled all campaigns or whether the parties have reached an agreement.