2019 Risk Strategies Succession Award to Firm Accepted by Keith E. Gilman, Managing Partner

Risk Strategies presented the award by recounting some Lerner David history: “50 years ago, Lerner David set up shop with just a few IP lawyers. The firm flourished based on good work and a string of historic high profile wins in the Patent world. They hired up and continued to grow as a stand-alone IP firm based on their reputations. Lerner David became known as one of the experienced, steady hand in the confusing and complex (even for lawyers) world of IP.

Over time, the firm’s original founders and their early hires aged (as we all do). It became apparent to firm management that it was time to make changes in leadership, management structure, and to update the firm’s business model to adapt to today’s legal world. These were tough decisions in terms of personnel sunset horizons, business practices, and even compensation models that no longer made sense. For these tough but important moves, Keith E. Gilman was awarded the 2019 Risk Strategies Succession Award for Lerner David.”

Succesion Award