World Trademark Review Recognizes 3 Lerner David Partners as Leading Trademark Professionals for 2017

Thanks to cost-effective rates, cutting-edge infrastructure and boots on the ground in China and Japan, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik has become a potent force on both the New Jersey and national IP landscapes. Especially strong in matters involving complicated scientific or technological strands, it also stands out for its business nous. Having played a key role in IP suits in courtrooms across five continents, Bruce Sales is a go-to for multinationals locked in must-win disputes; he counsels them on worldwide strategic planning too. The versatile Gregg Paradise has won ardent fans in the pharmaceuticals, electronics, cosmetics and food sectors – not least thanks to his extensive anti-counterfeiting experience. Brand management magus Thomas Palisi is the co-author of key treatise Patents and Trademarks: Proceeding with Caution to Maximise Benefits and Minimise Exposure.