Lerner David Hits Top 40 Patent Law Firm

Lerner David, New Jersey's largest and most prominent intellectual property law firm, is proud to announce that it was ranked 40 out of 272 of the top patent law firms in Intellectual Property Today's survey of patents issued in 2011.  Lerner David's ranking is up from 102 in 2005.

Conducted annually by Intellectual Property Today, a leading nationwide publication, the survey findings are based on the number of patents issued to clients during the year by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

When asked what makes Lerner David move up to be ranked 40th in the nation, partner Marc Millet replies, "Quality -- our firm has always emphasized quality in patent prosecution. There has always been an attitude in some firms that because prosecution is cost-sensitive, it is acceptable to compromise quality. Our attitude is that we will control costs by better use of technology and by focusing on those aspects of the invention which are most important to the client, but that we will not cut the quality of our work."

In 2011, Lerner David's clients were issued 758 patents compared to 563 in 2010, an increase of 34%.  Partner Kelly Hwang adds, "Our continued success even in the challenging economic downturn is based on having dedicated and talented attorneys providing excellent customer service by producing high quality work product with the client's business goals in mind."

Lerner David's attorneys are supported by a sophisticated infrastructure of systems including computer software that was developed with the firm's assistance.  Lerner David has made substantial investments in its infrastructure so that it may best serve its clients.