Chemical & Material Science


Cosmetics, household products and agricultural products are ubiquitous within economies around the world. Less recognizable to average consumers are components that make up everyday products, including synthetic rubbers, super absorbent polymers, display materials, and protection films. These products and components serve an indispensable role in our daily life and have become an integral part of the world economy. The Innovations underlying the chemical and material structures and formations bring a myriad of products to life.  Protecting such innovations as valuable intellectual property assets is essential to maintaining a competitive position. 

For over a half century, Lerner David has played an active role in chemical and material science industry. By leveraging their extensive scientifical background and industrial experience, our attorneys counsel start‑up clients to Fortune 500 companies to develop valuable IP assets.

Lerner David offers its full range of IP services to protect innovations in chemical and material science industry.

Representative Matters

For a Fortune 500 company, we have worked for decades to help procure and enforce the patents on synthetic rubber materials and super absorbent polymers.

We collaborate with engineers to protect display materials such as LCD and OLED-related materials.

Negotiated licenses and product acquisition and developed global IP strategy for multinational agricultural companies.

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