Design Patents


Lerner David commands a wide breadth of experience in design patent procurement and enforcement.  Long before the value of design patents was brought to the forefront by the billion dollar jury verdict in the Apple v. Samsung smart phone design patent litigation, Lerner David has been helping its clients acquire and enforce design patents in the United States and around the world.  Lerner David’s extensive design experience spanning over more than three decades, coupled with its extensive skills in patent prosecution, litigation, and post-grant practice, has allowed its broad spectrum of clients, from individual inventors to Fortune 500 companies, to utilize design patents to protect the ornamental design of their products in the marketplace.

Lerner David regularly obtains design patents for its clients covering a vast array of products, including consumer devices and goods, medical devices and supplies, autonomous cars and car components, batteries, padlocks, cables, cameras, graphical user interfaces, computers and computer components to toys, to name a few.  Whether clients look to design protection as a primary form of patent protection or as a supplement to build a more robust patent portfolio, Lerner David is adroit at devising global design patent strategies in line with the individual business needs of its clients. 

With Lerner David’s deep bench of patent attorneys, Lerner David has successfully advocated on behalf of its clients and their design patent rights in a multitude of forums.   Lerner David is able to leverage its keen understanding of design patent prosecution and its wealth of experience before the federal courts and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) Board of Appeals to assert and defend against claims of design patent infringement in federal and international courts, as well as represent clients in appeals and post grant proceedings before the USPTO. 

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