Lerner David Participates in Rutgers Douglas Residential College Externship Program


Partners, Kelly Hwang and Orville Cockings, served as mentors to Rutgers students Ana C. Lopez, a biology major and Nandana Pai, an engineering major.

The week consisted of virtual meetings among mentors and students each day. On Thursday, the students participated in a virtual meeting with ten (10) female attorneys in the firm to learn about their career paths and experiences as women in the legal profession, as well as other related topics. Ana and Nandana were provided with valuable insights that will likely factor into their future career choices.


This externship program is an immersive workplace experience for a one or two week time period where students are mentored by a professional in their area of interest or in a career that they would like to learn more about.

Participating in this job shadowing experience allows students to work on projects, learn about the status of women in the workplace, and get an inside glimpse into the day-to-day work life in a particular career.