Computing Systems, Software & Electronics


The world relies on computers for virtually all aspects of everyday life. As a society, we expect instant communication between electronic devices and lightning-fast Internet/network access. Software facilitates our every move throughout a day -- from scheduling to shopping to exercising. These applications are supported by powerful network architectures, as well as high-speed processing chips and high-bandwidth memory chips in small electronic devices. Intellectual Property protection for the underlying innovations is critical to support successful competition. 
As far back as the innovation of the basic laser by Gordon Gould, the protection and enforcement of which Lerner David was intimately involved, we have represented clients at the forefront of complex electronics and computer technology. Today, its roster of clients includes some of the most innovative and successful e-commerce and consumer electronics companies. Our team brings a wealth of experience drawn from years of experience as engineers and as patent attorneys. Our attorneys include skilled courtroom advocates and strategic thinkers who work closely with clients to provide practical solutions to complex legal problems.  
Representative Matters
Lerner David has successfully represented clients in all areas of computing systems, software and electronics including: 
Cloud computing
Fiber optic communications
Medical imaging and navigation
Network architecture and routing 
Network security 
Digital media 
Software applications
Wearable electronic devices 
Health monitoring/diagnostic devices 
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