Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain


Artificial intelligence (“AI”) has quickly gone from a plot point in classic Hollywood films, such as Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Terminator and Pixar’s Wall-E, to being ingrained in nearly all aspects of modern life. Artificial intelligence and its subfields of machine learning and deep learning drive industries such as pharma, robotics, financial services, insurance, computer and consumer hardware and software, medical devices, green energy, autonomous vehicles, consumer appliances and automotive. Put simply, AI improves businesses, products, and customer experiences. With AI now entrenched across industries, protecting AI innovations and securing the ability to leverage AI innovations have become essential considerations for companies.

Blockchain technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, blockchains’ inherent benefits of transparency and fairness have led to the technology moving into diverse industries where such benefits are well-suited, such as data security, finance, and healthcare. As a nascent technology, blockchain will continue to see significant innovations ripe for protection in accordance with existing and emerging intellectual property laws around the world.

Lerner David has been advising clients across many industries on how to best protect and leverage their uses and advancements in AI and blockchain. From start-up ventures to established Fortune 100 companies, Lerner David has assisted clients with protecting ground‑breaking AI advancements and innovative blockchain systems.

Lerner David offers its full range of IP services to protect AI and blockchain innovations.

Representative Matters

  • For a Fortune 500 global technology company, we have been managing and developing a multinational patent portfolio, including successfully drafting and obtaining hundreds of patents for innovations that advance AI and blockchain technology.
  • For a leading player in financial blockchain systems, we have and continue to manage and develop a global patent and trademark portfolio.
  • For a leading medical device manufacturer, we are training engineers to identify protectable innovations that leverage AI.
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